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16-bit skirmishes

In the world of Pixelia, Voxels are the key to an unknown dimension. The struggle for the control of these artifacts started with a war across the three main nations: the Redistan Rally, the Greenland Gathering, and the Bluelonia Brotherhood. Soon it escalated into a fratricidal war where loyalties lost their meaning.

Super Voxel Raiders is a cardgame that reproduces japanese role playing videogame battles (JRPGs) from the 90s. Players first recruit pixellated characters into three different terrain cards, then a battle is fought in each of those terrains, using plenty of fancy special powers. The first player to conquer two terrain cards will gain control over the Voxels and win the game.

Super Voxel Raiders cards

As the 102 characters are more or less balanced, the key of the game is to maximize their sinergies, while at the same time choosing the characters that best counter your opponent's deployment. In addition to recruiting tactically viable parties (tanks and bruisers at the front, healers and rangers at the back...), you will have to pay attention to the colors of the magic gems required for their special abilities, their alignment, initiative, faction, specific interactions and even the effect of the terrain card they will fight in. You can push your luck and play intuitively, but if you know what you are doing and think carefully, you will have a considerable advantage. Great part of the game is decided by deploying your characters, because combat is mostly analitical and does not use dice. However, a touch of hidden information and randomness can still bring into play big surprises during the battle resolution.

My biggest influences to develop this game have been: BattleLine, a game that always leaves me wanting to resolve its battles in a proper way instead of just comparing colors and numbers. Also PoKémon, in the sense of customizing a combat group and then pitting it against another rival group. And of course, the good old JPRGs of the Super Nintendo.

playing Super Voxel Raiders

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Super Voxel Raiders players: 2
age: 16+ years
playing time: 60-90 minutes
difficulty: medium

Design: Aitor González Guridi
Art: Kevin Chaloux, Stephen Challener, Zabin, Surt, Charles Gabriel, Ben Potter, Henrique Lazarini, OpenGameArt


Published: 26 September 2017 (Bureflux)


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